Purchasing Guideline

To buy insurance with FWD, you can choose from 3 easy ways.

Here are the ways you can purchase

  • FWD Life is forging a new path in the insurance industry. 

    We are a digitally minded business and the services that we provide are focused on the delivery of simplicity and convenience for you, our customers. 

    All of our Agents are equipped with tablets to walk you through our products and services in an interactive and fun way. We also offer a different experience for customer in dealing with insurance by enjoying their lifestyle, at hang out spots at FWD Life – Excellso meeting point. Our agents will get exclusive benefits by Excelso which you can enjoy too. And if you are our customer, you can enjoy 15% discount everyday for food and beverages, 10% discount for Coffee Bean’s merchandises, and  25% discount on your birthday. 

    Our digital sales process allows us to issue instant insurance coverage and payment on the spot. Nice and Simple!

  • Get coverage from FWD life insurance at Victoria Bank. How?

    1. Meet an Insurance specialist at Victoria Bank to get a quick and simple illustration of our insurance coverage via an online demonstration.

    2. After you send the required documents and pay the insurance premium, your insurance policy will be issued immediately.

  • From iFWD Liberate, you can buy  insurance online, which is easy, simple and quick, anytime and anywhere.

    You just need to access www.ifwd.co.id and choose the product that meets your needs. Complete the application form and do the payment so you can get insurance protection instantly!

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