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    What is eServices?

    eServices is our digital customer service available on the FWD MAX app. Through eServices, you can access policy information and make transactions in real time – from paying your premium to making a claim. Download FWD MAX to enjoy eServices. It’s totally free.

    How do I register an eServices?

    • Download FWD MAX on Google Play or the App Store either on your mobile or tablet.
    • Login if you already have an account. Otherwise, sign up as a new user.
    • If you want, you can sign up using your Google or Facebook credentials.
    • If you’re an FWD customer, please click on ‘Individual Customer.’
    • Fill in your ID card number and date of birth and then click verify.

    What changes can be made through eServices?

    There are several changes you can make. Here are some examples.

    Non-financial changes:

    • Change your name (for example, after you get married)
    • Change your customer identification details (for example from passport number to ID card)
    • Change your address 
    • Change your phone number 
    • Change your email address

    Financial changes:

    • Change the frequency of your payments
    • Request to press pause on your premiums
    • Get a duplicate copy of your contract
    • Request a hard copy of your insurance card
    • Change your life insurance beneficiary 

    For investment-linked / unit-linked plans: 

    • Change your top-up premium 
    • Apply for a partial withdrawal
    • Change your fund allocation
    • Apply for fund switching
    • Apply for a single top-up 
    • Apply for automatic reinstatement

    There are so many features – here are some examples.
    Head to My Profile to see all your personal information and request to make changes. This information ranges from any beneficiaries you might have to the name of any agent you’re working with.

    Head to My Policy to see the features and benefits of your plan(s) and any recent updates regarding your policy.

    Head to My Claims to make a claim and track its status. You can also view any claims history.

    We also have several features for customers with investment-linked plans.

    On the home page, you’ll see the main menu with all options. 

    Premium payment
    Policy owner services

Frequently asked question for customers who bought via PT Commonwealth Life

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    You can check by contacting our customer services team on 1500525 or by emailing

    We aim to complete the process within 14 working days (assuming we have all your documents). If any documents are missing, we’ll email to let you know. You can check the claim’s status by calling our customer services team on 1500525 or by emailing

    We will notify you through your registered email, so please make sure your email address is always active. If you wish, you can also call our customer services team on 1500525 or by emailing

    You can ask our customer care team via telephone, email, or live chat.  We’ll send the coordination of benefit letter to your registered email address.

    Head to our claims page which is over here. This has all the details you need.

    For loss of life claims, all funds will be transferred to the beneficiary’s account. This is the person you’ve nominated to receive the funds, should you (the customer) pass on.

    For health benefits, the funds will be transferred to your account, assuming you’re the customer (the policyholder).

    Our intention is always to pay a claim. But there are some claims that we simply can’t pay.  Here, we’ve listed out some of the main reasons as to why this might be the case:

    1. The claim doesn’t meet the original policy terms (what we agreed to cover).
    2. There’s been a misrepresentation in the claim. This is when important information appears to have been left out of the original application. For example, somebody may have forgotten to mention a pre-existing health condition which they’re now claiming for – but that we didn’t agree to cover.
    3. The claim was submitted outside of our agreed timeframe. It’s really important to submit any claim as quickly as possible.
    4. The claim has been listed in one of the policy exclusions. In other words, the policy excludes this particular event or condition.

    All of this is why, when you apply for insurance, it’s so important that you answer all questions fully and accurately. Because if you fail to disclose something in your application, this could impact any future claim.

    It’s also important that you understand exactly what you’re covered for. 

    Whatever happens, if we decline a claim, we commit to emailing you with our reasons why so please ensure you’ve registered a valid and active email address.

    This is where you (knowingly) already have a sign, symptom or medical record / diagnosis of an illness, medical condition or disease. It’s very important that you tell us about any pre-existing condition as, if we find that you haven’t disclosed it, this could impact your claim.

    First, we’re sorry for your loss. Head to our claims page which is over here . This has all the details you need.

    Premium payment
    Policy owner services

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