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Cancer Insurance Product highlights

Cancer Insurance Product highlights

Cancer insurance provides financial protection and support you, if you are diagnosed with any stage of cancer. Cancer insurance can cover your diagnosis and the treatments needed. That way, you and your loved ones do not have to worry too much about the financial burden.

Benefit Summary

Understanding the facts about cancer

Frequently asked questions

FWD Cancer Protection is an insurance plan that provides coverage in case of a cancer diagnosis. The coverage continues until the Insured is 70 years old

Any cancer must be diagnosed for the first time during the Insurance Period. The cancer diagnosis must be made by medical oncology specialists with histological evidence of malignant cancer, or Carcinoma In Situ (CIS) in certain tissues, namely the breast, uterus, fallopian tubes, vulva, vagina, uterine cervix, colon, rectum, genitals male genitalia, testes, lungs, liver, stomach, nasopharynx, or bladder or for uterine cervical CIS, is included in Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) Grade III.

Unfortunately, we don’t cover any cancer that is:

  1. Non-melanoma skin cancer unless there is evidence of metastasis;
  2. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia classified as RAI stage 0 or Binet Stage A; and
  3. Cancer that was recognized before or during the Waiting Period. As well as Carsinoma In Situ (CIS) on other networks, other than those insured
  • Indonesia citizen with minimum age 18 can buy FWD Cancer Protection (Policy Holder)
  • Indonesia citizen between the ages of 18- 64 can be covered by FWD Cancer Protection (Insured)

Policy Holder and the Insured can be different people as long as both have an Insurable Interest relationship – such as a spouse, child, or parent.

Yes, as long as the accumulation of the sum assured is not more than IDR500 million.

No, you only need to answer 3 health-related questions.

The FWD Cancer Protection Insurance period is 1 year and will be automatically extended until the Insured is 70 years old.

As long as the premium payment occurs before the Grace Period ends, coverage can last until the Insured is 70 years old. In addition, we won’t make you reapply for the coverage (in other words, no more health questions will be asked).

Please note that the grace period refers to the time we allow for you to make a premium payment beyond the due date.

This policy is not reinstatable

FWD Cancer Protection claim conditions are:

  • A first-time cancer diagnosis- The insured is still alive at the time of a diagnosis
  • The claim is made after the 90 day waiting period (90 days since the policy was issued)
  • The Insured can only make 1 claim during the Insurance Period and then the coverage will end (assuming the claim is approved and has been paid).

You’ll need to complete the claim form in full. We’ll also ask you for the following documents:

  • The original certificate of any diagnosis, signed by the attending doctor
  • All original payment receipts
  • A copy of all or any details of treatment costs
  • Copies of all or any medical examination results
  • A copy of your valid KTP
  • A copy of your passbook

Payment for FWD Cancer Protection is divided into monthly, semi-annually and annually. If you choose a sum insured of IDR50 million, then the payment method that applies is only semi-annually or annually.

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