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Why Critical Illness Insurance is Important?

Why Critical Illness Insurance is Important?

Critical illness insurance is one of the most important things you can do to protect your financial and emotional well-being in case something bad happens. Especially when you get diagnosed with critical illness like cancer.

Based on Global Cancer Observatory 2020, cancer is a top cause of death in Indonesia, accounting for about 234.511 deaths.

In the event you get diagnosed with a critical illness, you can use the given sum assured for your medical treatment to improve your chances of recovery or to cover the loss of income while you take time off from work to recover as critical illness can take a few weeks or even months to recover.

Critical Illness Insurance Product Features​

FWD Asuransi Jiwa dan Penyakit Kritis Plus provides life protection also protection against critical illness (cancer, stroke, or heart attack) and infectious diseases (dengue fever, malaria, or typhoid fever (paratyphoid) with the opportunity to get a premium return at the end of the insurance period.

Critical Illness Insurance Plan Benefits​

Frequently asked critical insurance questions

You are eligible to participate in this product if you’re an Indonesian citizen with a valid ID (KTP) and are between 18 – 55 years old (last birthday).

Do note that for this product, the Policy Holder and Insured must be the same person.

  • No. The Policy Holder and the Insured must be the same person.

No, the application process only goes through three statements regarding your health:

  1. Have you ever been diagnosed or received medical advice or treatment for cancer, stroke, diabetes, HIV-AIDS, hepatitis B/C, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease, or kidney disease and all its complication.

  2. In the past two years, have you ever been suffered from medical condition(s) resulting in repeated consultation or follow-up with a doctor, specialist or hospital, or continuous medication or treatment for 14 days or more. I am not currently planning or been advised to consult a doctor (aside from routine health check), or undergoing or awaiting investigations, follow-up or treatment, including surgery.

  3. In the past 3 months, have you ever been experienced unexplained weight loss of 5 kg or more; blood in urine, persistent coughing, bleeding from the bowels or in stools, diarrhea or constipation for 30 days or more.

There are a range of benefits including:

Death Benefit

We will give a benefit of 100% of the Sum Assured in case of risk of death during the coverage duration. Once this death benefit has been paid out, the policy will end ("terminate").

Critical Illness Benefit

If you diagnosed with cancer, heart attack or a stroke, we’ll pay 100% of the Sum Assured. Once the critical illness benefit has been paid out, the policy will end (“terminate”).

Additional Benefit: Family Infectious Disease Protect

If you or anyone in your family is admitted to the ICU for at least 3 continuous days because of dengue, malaria or typhoid, we’ll pay IDR 15 million per claim. You can claim up to 5 times. Family includes your spouse, kids or parents aged up to 63 years old.

Maturity Benefit

If your policy still in force until the end of coverage duration, we’ll refund up to 110% of premiums you’ve paid. You can see below how much the percentage of the premium that we’d return.enter image description here

The Sum Assured limit for FWD Asuransi Jiwa dan Penyakit Kritis Plus insurance ranges from IDR25 million to IDR484 million, according to the plan you choose.

Exclusions for death benefit and critical illness benefit due to the following:

Suicide, attempted suicide(s) or self-injury (whether in a conscious or unconscious state) by the insured person - any of which occurs within 1 (one) year from the policy’s start date or the last date of the policy’s reinstatement, whichever is the latest; or

Involvement of the Insured carrying out illegal actions, neglect and/or against/ violating the law, including insurance crime committed by any party who has or had an interest in this insurance coverage.

Exclusions for additional benefits of family protection from Infectious Diseases due to the following:

Hospitalisation primarily for investigatory purposes /diagnostic/preventive/palliative care purpose; or

Hospitalisation which the primary purpose is for quarantine or isolation.

Unfortunately, no. Each person can only be covered one policy for this product.

As is standard in many insurance products, there is a “waiting period” before you can claim for any critical illness and/or infectious disease benefits. For this particular plan, the waiting period is 90 calendar days from the policy’s start date or the date of the policy’s reinstatement, whichever is the latest.

Do note that there is no waiting period for claiming of death benefit.

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