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Additional Benefit of COVID-19 Self-Isolation for Corporate Care Customers

1 April 2021

Oleh FWD Insurance

As a complement to the benefits provided for policies owned by Corporate Care customers, FWD Insurance provides additional benefit for COVID-19 self-isolation (isoman benefits) for both new and existing customers of Corporate Care. The benefit is valid for the period April 1st 2021 to September 30th 2021.
This ISOMAN benefit is applied for self-isolation treatment that is carried out in Indonesia only and this service will be guaranteed on hospitalization benefits, in accordance with the limit of benefits owned by the customer, written in the benefits table.

Self-Isolation Hotel Services
Terms and conditions:
1. Provide a recommendation letter from doctor and show a medical symptom for inpatient care
2. Provide a notification / official statement from the hospital that states the hospital room is in full capacity
3. PCR (+) swab and symptoms (does not apply to OTG).
4. The medical symptoms include:
a. General symptoms
Fever & dry cough.
b. Symptoms that are slightly uncommon
Discomfort and pain, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes.
c. Serious symptoms
Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure in the chest, loss of ability to speak or move.
5. Invoices must be issued from the hospital that is partnered with the respective hotel
6. Medical treatment can be done cashless* or reimbursement at the FWD Partner Hospital that is partnered with the respective hotel
7. Any excess of fees will follow TC / policy terms and conditions
Post Inpatient PCR Test
Post-hospitalization PCR test is guaranteed in a post-hospitalization benefit
Notes: *Only for hospital provider network and accept cashless method

Home isolation
1. Provide a recommendation from a doctor and show medical symptoms for independent isolation treatment at home
2. PCR (+) swab & no symptoms (no for OTG).
3. The medical symptoms include:
a. Common symptoms Fever, dry cough
b. Slightly unusual symptoms discomfort and pain, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, sensation of taste or smell, rash on the skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes.
c. Serious symptoms difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, the ability to speak or move
4. Submission of all fees is submitted on a reimbursement basis while still following the applicable provisions in FWD Insurance
5. Post-ISOMAN PCR is guaranteed in post-hospitalization benefits (+/-) and is adjusted with the terms and conditions of the policy
CT Scan
1. COVID (+) PCR is guaranteed
2. COVID (-) PCR is not guaranteed, even though it is a hospital protocol for inpatient care.

Documents required to make a claim on ISOMAN Benefits:
a. Letter from the doctor explaining the symptoms, the results of the PCR Swab (+)
b. A letter of recommendation from a doctor for self-isolation and an estimate of the length of isolation required. If the length of isolation time exceeds the doctor's previous instructions / estimates, the Insured must provide an additional cover letter from the doctor explaining the reasons for the need for an extension of the isolation time, the latest PCR (+) swab and other supporting documents.
c. A statement letter from the hospital that states the hospital room is in full capacity (for self-isolation at the hotel)
d. Lab examination results (both copies and originals)
e. Original receipts from the hospital (for self-isolation in hotels), while for self-isolation at home, please provide original receipts for self-isolation services at home and details of medicines (if any).
Information on self-isolation facilities needed by Corporate Care FWD insurance customers can be received through the 24-hour COVID-19 Crisis Call Centre at +6221 299 789 19 to help customers obtain optimal services related to COVID-19.
The services we provide include:
· Information on room availability at the hospital for COVID-19 patients.
· Consultation regarding COVID-19 by telephone with a general practitioner.
· Assistance with information on self-isolation services, both at hotels and home.
· Information assistance on drug delivery
· Information assistance on the COVID-19 screening test (PCR Swab, Antigen Swab & Rapid Antigen).
· Information assistance on ambulances to transfer COVID-19 positive patients
· Assistance with teleconsultation information with pulmonary specialists & nutritionists / nutritionists

This COVID-19 Crisis Call Centre service is available to provide convenience to FWD Insurance Corporate Care customers who are covered by the benefits of their policies by the customer and all provisions attached to the policy remain valid. Everything related with the claim process will follow the provisions that apply to each policy from each Insured / Insurance Participant.