Cashless Claim


  1. Show your insurance card and ID card at the registration desk
  2. An officer will register treatment and verify your membership by swiping or tapping your card at a terminal machine.
  3. If approved, you will receive a receipt validating registration and AdMedika will send a medical questionare form to be filled by the hospital and an initial letter of guarantee.
  4. Receive inpatient service at a partner hospital.
  5. Before being discharged, a hospital officer will send the final medical data and report billing detail through email/fax to AdMedika.
  6. AdMedika will verify medical data and final cost of hospitalization.
  7. AdMedika will send a final letter of guarantee.
  8. If the final treatment/diagnosis is not covered in your policy, you will be required to pay all hospitalization fees.
  9. If part of the  treatments are not covered by your policy, you will be required to pay the costs before leaving the hospital.