All too often, we take our health for granted.. Quality health service is a luxury not everyone can afford, but it is available for yourself and your dearest ones with FWD Sprint Health. The unit link component of the policy allows you to invest according to your lifestyle, as well as giving additional health protection benefits.

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  • Sum insured and investment sum will be paid out if insured passes away before 100 years old.
  • Hospitalization reimbursement in accordance to chosen benefits (coverage until 75 years old)
  • Sum insured will be paid out if primary policy holder is diagnosed with a critical illness before 80 years old.
  • Choice of waiver of premium tailored to your needs.
  • Investment sum will be paid out if insured outlives the policy’s lifetime
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So…what does it do?

  • Safe - Registered and overseen by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

  • Practical - Does not require any medical check up. Simply answer a few questions about your health. One premium for the entire family member.

  • Guarantee Active Policy - Your Plan will remain active for the first three years even with zero investment amount.

  • Simple - Quick administration and agreement procedure through online processing

  • Comprehensive - Various investment options that you can allocate, starting from money market, combined mutual funds, or stock mutual funds

  • Flexibility - Various alternatives for premium payments, from monthly, quarterly, semester, or yearly. Claims and fund withdrawals are free of charge

But wait, there's more

Daily cash compensation and surgical procedure compensation if insured is hospitalized (valid until 75 years old).

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