Having a family that we hold dear is our primary motivator for building a better life. Having the people you hold dear protected against unforeseeable emergencies is the heart of FWD Sprint Family Protection. The unit link investment will provide you with an emergency fund whenever you need it the most, so you can live your life with total peace of mind.

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  • Sum insured will be paid out if you are diagnosed with a critical illness before 80 years old.
  • Basic premium waiver  if the policy holder diagnosed with critical illness, total disablement or passes away until 65 years old.
  • Premium waiver  if the policy holder is diagnosed with critical illness, or total disablement until 65 years old. For those who choose FWD waiver of premium Family/Plus ,  the policy may be continued by the spouse if insured passes away
  • Family term compensation will be paid out if insured (spouse and children) passes  away before you are 100 years old.
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  • Safe - Registered and overseen by the Financial services authority (OJK).

  • Cost Saving - Save more on waived premiums, monthly administration fee, and basic premium cost with our family policy.

  • Comprehensive - Variety of unit-link investment alternatives managed by top investment managers that you can choose from.

  • Flexibility - Determine your own best premium allocation.

  • Sustaintable - Remain protected with sufficient investment value.

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  • In addition to the investment sum, the sum insured will be paid out if the policy holder passes away before 100 years old.
  • Investment sum will be paid out if insured outlives the policy’s lifetime

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Equipped your family with additional health package benefits so you can proactively care for your family’s health and  obtain emergency funds for the unforseeable.

Proactively care for your family’s health and  obtain emergency funds for the unforseeable equipped with additional  health package benefits.