Who knows when we will find ourselves in the middle of a high risk situation. Before that happens, be sure that you’re fully protected anytime, anywhere with our FWD Apro Accident Protector.

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  • Sum insured will be paid in accordance to the policy’s terms and conditions if insured experiences  permanent disability or passes away before 70 years old.
  • A reasonable and appropriate  medical bill reimbursement if insured is undergoing a medical treatment caused by an accident.
  • Monthly compensation if insured experiences permanent disability caused by an accident.
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So…what does it do?

  • Safe - Registered and overseen by the Financial services authority (OJK).

  • Practical - Does not require any medical check up. Simply answer a few questions about your health. One premium for the entire family member.

  • Simple - Quick administration and agreement procedure through online processing and paperless.

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