FWD LooP is a unit-link life insurance product that offers customers a comprehensive and affordable protection benefit package through easy buying experience where you can e-learn the product anytime anywhere and book appointments with our agents to complete buying process at your chosen place. 

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  • Death benefits up to IDR 500,000,000 plus 100% Investment Value should death risk happen.
  • Benefits of Critical Illness up to IDR 125,000,000 will be paid if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • Inpatient benefits up to IDR 500,000 per day should you are hospitalized.

So... what does it do?

  • Affordable

    - Affordable premium, cheaper that your coffee in a week, start from IDR 250,000 per month.

  • Easy & Fast


    Easy buying process as you can e-learn the product anywhere and anytime and meet our agent once to finalize the buying process at your chosen location.

  • Complete
    Complete protection from death risk, accidental death and disability , hospitalization, and critical illness. Plus, you will also receive investment returns from the value of the investment formed since the first year.

Wait, there's more

  • Accidental death benefit amounting Rp 200 million plus 100% paid premium will be paid should death risk due to accident happen after the premium payment received until your insurance application is approved or denied by FWD Life.
  • Accidental death or disability benefits will be doubled (to IDR 250,000,000) if the accidents occurs in Public Transportation Facility.

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