Being hospitalized can be pretty awful. Our job is to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Our Hospital Surgical plan has additional benefits if you or your family members need to undergo hospitalization, until you’re well on your way to recovery.

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Hospital Surgical reimburses your health care cost up to Rp. per year and coverage is valid until you are 75 years old.

So…what does it do?

  • Full coverage for your beloved one since 1 month old.

  • Compensation will be paid according to the hospital bill for doctor (general/specialist) fee, surgery, and various treatments.

  • Additional compensation for before and after hospitalization.

But wait, there's more

Compensation for outpatient cancer treatment, hemodialysis, outpatient surgery, accident, and burns.

Compensation for physiotherapy, prosthesis, and implant. 

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