Press Release

FWD Group appoints Jonathan Hekster as FWD Country Advisor in Indonesia

10 March 2023

Jakarta, 10 March 2023 – FWD Group Holdings Limited (“FWD Group”) today announced the appointment of Jonathan Hekster as FWD Country Advisor in Indonesia.

Jonathan Hekster joined FWD in January 2020. He was most recently Group Chief of Partnership Distribution and will continue to report to Binayak Dutta, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, and Group Chief Distribution Officer FWD Group.

Hekster has worked in Indonesia since the 1990s and was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a life insurance company in Indonesia prior to joining FWD.

He will remain as a member of the Board of Commissioners of PT Asuransi BRI Life, a joint venture company between PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk and FWD Group.

The current President Director and CEO of PT FWD Insurance Indonesia (“FWD Insurance”), Anantharaman Sridharan, will take on a new role as Group Chief of Agency Distribution in the FWD Group headquarters. FWD Insurance’s Chief Financial Officer, Desy Natalia Widjaya, will serve as interim President Director, pending the appointment of Anantharaman Sridharan’s successor.