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FWD Life Collaborates with SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia to Celebrate Kindness and Positivity through ‘Kolaborasi Untuk Berbagi’

30 April 2020

PT FWD Life Indonesia (“FWDLife”),oneofthepioneers ofdigital-basedlifeinsurance in Indonesia, initiated ‘Kolaborasi Untuk Berbagi’ (collaborate to share), a campaign to inspire people to collaborate and help the most vulnerable, the underprivileged groups during this coronavirus outbreak. This campaign focuses on providing the right kind of protection for people to stay at home and provide them with much-needed health and hygiene essentials. Meanwhile, at the same time, FWD Life also keeps educating the public on financial literacy and providing the right kind of insurance protection so they can better manage their finances during this unprecedentedtime.

As part of this campaign, FWD Life collaborates with SOS Children’s Village, a non-profit social organization providing children who have or are at risk of losing parental care. In Indonesia, there are more than 4,500 children in more than 2,400 families spreading in 60 communities in 10 different locations affected by this pandemic. On average, one family needs Rp1 million per month to fulfill basic needs such as food and hygiene. With ‘Kolaborasi Untuk Berbagi’ campaign, FWD Life aims to ensure that every child affected by this situation, continue to get their rights through direct assistance programs and donations. For those who would like to participateandtakepartinthefund-raisingeffort,theycansimplyjoinafunvirtualsportschallenge.Eachweek, the participants will have to fulfill the goals they set, and it will be converted into a donation for the affected children and families under SOS Children’sVillage.


FWD Life President Director Anantharaman Sridharan said, “The impact caused by this pandemic is not only health, but many families are unable to meet basic needs because of physical distancing that has an economic impact. As a brand that believes in celebrating living with ‘care’ as one of its values, through ‘Kolaborasi Untuk Berbagi’, we encourage people to be more involved in helping others, especially underprivileged communities and their families. Therefore, we are honored that we can collaborate with SOS Children’s Village for this good cause in celebrating kindness and positivity during this challenging time.”

In addition to the initiative, during Ramadan, FWD Life also creates a Care Package consisting of health and hygiene essentials such as face mask and hand sanitizer. NUVO Hand Sanitizer will distribute 30,000 bottles of NUVO Hand Sanitizer to customers, partners, and employees in effort to provide the community and their families protection, a feeling of safety and security.


FWD Life Chief Marketing Officer Maika Randini said, “With the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we believe it is more important than ever to encourage people to take care of their health and hygiene. Therefore, we want to spread kindness through the collaboration with NUVO Hand Sanitizer as a form of our commitment to provide our customers with protection and encourage them to stay healthy, practice good hygiene, and take preventive measures, such as washing hands regularly.”

From 5 May to 30 June, customers can redeem the FWD Life Care Package which contains two bottles of NUVO Hand Sanitizer two masks through the FWD MAX application. FWDLifeCare Packagewillbesenttotheirhome for those who need it. For those who wish to donate it, FWD Life also provides the means to spread kindness, by donating the Care Package to people in need through three official Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) such as Special Olympics Indonesia, Humanity & Inclusion, and SOS Children’sVillage.


“During this challenging time, we use the power of our network to touch so many others in need and create a biggerimpact.Wewanttochangethewaypeoplefeelaboutinsuranceandseehow insurancebecomesasource of empowerment. Additionally, we want to empower everyone with ‘Beri Arti Lebih’ – to give a bigger meaning to life obstacles and risks so they can always feel confident living life ups and downs,” closedAnantha.


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