Press Release

FWD Life Promotes Social Inclusivity, Empowering People with Disabilities

28 July 2021

Jakarta, 16 March 2021 - PT FWD Insurance Indonesia (“FWD Insurance”), a pioneer of digital-based life insurance in Indonesia, introduces a new employee programme called Bebaskan Dudukmu ('BeDug'). BeDug is an innovative and new way of working for employees that has officially launched today by Huynh Thanh Phong, CEO of FWD Group and Anantharaman Sridharan, President Director of FWD Insurance accompanied by Nurmala Kartini Pandjaitan Sjahrir, President Commissioner and Independent Commissioner. Through its newly renovated working area at the FWD Insurance office, and flexible working arrangements, the 'BeDug' programme provides a way to continuously improve the employee experience and adapt to today’s rapid changes.

Since the beginning, FWD Insurance has brought a fresh and innovative approach to customers and its employees. FWD Insurance designed its innovative working programme to create a more collaborative work environment and prioritise employee experience.

Anantharaman Sridharan, President Director of FWD Insurance said, “As a different, digital-based insurance company that’s flying the flag fora new approach to an old industry, innovation and technology have always been part of our culture. We were quick to make awork-from-home arrangement, and nthrough the 'BeDug' programme – with its flexible working arrangement, hot desking system, and newly renovated open office space that promotes collaboration – we are contining to prioritise welfare and ensure the health and safety of employees so that their productivity, agility, innovation capabilities, and employee morale continues to increase."

Rudy Franto Manik, Chief Human Resources Officer of FWD Insurance said, “Changing the way we work due to the pandemic is a natural challenge for us that has meant we’ve had to find ways to support our employees during this challenging time. We believe that by working collaboratively, employees can be more efficient. A flexible working arrangement is one of the pillars of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy to create a personalised experience for all employees of every generation, gender, and geographic location. We hope that with this new way of working, the level of productivity and convenience will allow them to achieve their best results.”