FWD Life Encourages Indonesian to Celebrate #RAMADANYANGBEDA to The Fullest Through BATAL Campaign

The pioneer of digital-based life insurance in Indonesia, conducted BATAL, Buka Sama Komunitas Lokal, during Ramadan

FWD Life Partners with K-Link Indonesia to Enhance Access to Sharia Insurance

Jakarta, 21 August 2019 – PT FWD Life Indonesia (“FWD Life”), one of the pioneers of digital life insurance in Indonesia, today signed a partnership agreement with K-Link Indonesia (“K-Link”), providing Indonesians with greater access to insurance. Through this partnership, K-Link members will now be able to access Asuransi Bebas Handal, a sharia-based health insurance.

K-Link is a sharia networking distributor company, distributing mainly healthcare and household products. It is known as one of the best extended marketing companies in Indonesia with more than 2.4 million members. With K-Link’s extensive network, FWD Life believes that offering this facility through the website will increase accessibility and enhance Indonesian people’s understanding towards the importance of insurance.

“K-Link is one of the most well-known sharia distributors in the country. This partnership will expand and enhance our protection offerings through K-Link’s extensive active member networks and digital capability. We also hope that this partnership will help us to educate Indonesians about the importance of protection, while providing easy and accessible health insurance,” said FWD Life President Director, Anantharaman Sridharan.

Asuransi Bebas Handal will be the first insurance product marketed through K-Link network, by utilising the network’s e-commerce channel. It was chosen as the first product because it is affordable, simple, and complete. With an annual contribution of IDR825,000, it offers complete in-patient coverage including room, doctor, and medicine fees, as well as post-hospitalization care and surgery costs, as well as annual benefit options of IDR 50 million or IDR 100 million.

K-Link Indonesia President Director, Radzi Saleh added, “We have been in Indonesia for 17 years. With our experience and expertise, we can say that this kind of partnership is a breakthrough in the industry especially for K-Link. Since Ladies, Sharia, and Online are the focus of our current business development, this partnership with FWD Life to market Asuransi Bebas Handal aligns perfectly with our business focus. Asuransi Bebas Handal will complement our products so that customers are not only able to purchase health products, but also life and health protection. They can get easily by accessing our website with referral code from K-Link members that will be redirected to Asuransi Bebas Handal page.”

FWD Life Chief Product Proposition & Sharia, Ade Bungsu explained, “Asuransi Bebas Handal will show how insurance can be affordable; simple and easy to purchase only by accessing it online; and complete with all benefits needed for in-patient treatment. This product will be an easy solution for individuals or families to protect their loved ones.”

Through this new partnership and leveraging e-commerce channels to market life insurance products, FWD Life aims to achieve its vision to change the way people feel about insurance and protect more Indonesians, enabling them to live their lives and pursue their passions freely without any worries.

For further information about FWD Life and K-Link, visit www.fwd.co.id, k-link.co.id, and www.k-net.co.id.