FWD Life Launches Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal Insurance, Sharia Life Insurance to help Indonesians in Hajj Financial Planning

Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal offers Hajj financial planning starting from IDR 1 million per month through partnership with Hajj travel agency company

Jakarta, 23 May 2018 – PT FWD Life Indonesia (“FWD Life”), a pioneer of digital life insurance in Indonesia, today launches an innovative sharia life insurance product to help Indonesian Muslims in Hajj financial planning, Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal.

Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal is a sharia life insurance with optimal investment features to help the community in Hajj Financial Planning. Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal has many benefits, including coverage until the age of 100 years as well as investment allocation from the first year and loyalty bonuses that will be added directly to the investment fund, enabling Indonesians to plan for Hajj with a relatively short waiting time with premiums starting from Rp 1 million per month.

Vice President of FWD Life, Rudi Kamdani said, “From the beginning of FWD Life, we have always had a vision to change the way people feel about insurance. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation and the launch of Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal reflects our desire to meet every Muslim’s need for access to ease and convenience in planning their departures for pilgrimage.”

In 2017, Indonesia sent 221,000 pilgrims, rising from 211,000 pilgrims in 2016. This makes Indonesia the country with the largest Hajj pilgrims in the world. However, it caused the rise of different challenges starting from the long waiting period to departure, high expenses during pilgrimage, and difficulty in finding an experienced Hajj travel agent.

Chief of Partnership Distribution, Anggi Sangadi explained, “Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal is designed according to the sharia principles that provide solutions for people who wish to have a transparent life insurance product with optimum investment features.”

Bebas Tawakkal Insurance offers several benefits, including:

1. Accessible Protection and Easier Financial Planning

  • Contributions start from IDR 1 million a month.
  • Insurance coverage is not only during the Hajj preparation and journey, but even until the customer is 100 years old.
  • Flexibility in topping up the fund to accelerate the Hajj waiting period.

2. Faster Hajj Departure

  • The investment allocation begins from the first year and features a loyalty bonus that will be added directly to the investment fund, enabling Indonesians to plan their Hajj pilgrimage with a relatively shorter waiting time, with contributions that start from Rp 1 million per month.

3. Partnership with Hajj travel agency

  • FWD Life is partnering with experienced Hajj travel agency companies, such as Abhinaya Tour & Travel and Toyib Travel, to offer this unique insurance product proposition.

“With the partnership between FWD Life and Hajj travel agency company, we believe that Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal can be an effective solution for the Muslim community who want to perform Hajj. Please visit our website at http://bebastawakkal.fwd.co.id/ or visit FWD Life's travel agency partner marketing office for more details on Asuransi Bebas Tawakkal,” added Anggi.