FWD Life Supports the Nation’s Music Industry through the 5upergroup Concert

As the official insurance partner, FWD Life is to provide personal accident protection to both the audience and the artists taking part in the 5upergroup concert. FWD Life customers and agents will also be entitled to a 20% discount for every purchase of  5upergroup concert ticket

Jakarta, November 14, 2017 – PT FWD Life Indonesia (“FWD Life”) today announced that it officially becomes the official insurance partner for one of the largest concerts in Indonesia, 5upergroup Concert. The initiative is part of FWD Life’s concrete commitment to support the country’s music industry as well as encouraging people to liberate their steps in creating the  best moments in pursuing their passion in music, in line with the brand campaign  “A Lifetime of Possibilities”.

5uperGroup is the largest music concert which for the first time will be featuring five supergroups from Indonesia which have been around for decades in the Indonesian music scene, namely: Kahitna, Krakatau, Sheila on 7, Gigi and God Bless.

FWD Life Vice President Rudi Kamdani explained, “We are pleased to be part of one of the largest concerts in Indonesia. Moreover, the survey we conducted shows that music is one of Indonesians’ five biggest passions. We hope that our support for the concert can encourage Indonesians to give their earnest support for the country’s music as well as liberate their steps to create the best moments in pursuing their passion in music without worries about future financial risks,”

The survey results also indicated that music is one of the biggest passions in Indonesia, this matches the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF)’s data taken in 2015. The data showed that the trend of International musicians who held a concert in Indonesia has been on the increase since 2012; the same phenomenon prevails today, whereas top International musicians are looking to hold a concert in Indonesia.

Furthermore, support for Indonesian music is also in line with President Jokowi, who, in his speech, said that the Indonesian government wants Indonesian music to dominate all places, space, and every element of the public.

“As the official insurance partner for the 5upergroup concert, FWD Life is to provide protection for all the artists and concertgoers of the 5upergroup which will be held at JHCC on November 21, 2017. We also provide special offers for our customers and agents, a 20% discount for every purchased of the 5upergroup ticket,” explained Rudi.

The insurance protection that will be provided by FWD Life is personal accident insurance product that will be valid for 24 hours life protection and provide a Sum Insured of Rp 10 million if the death risk happen due to an accident that take place during the concert.

 “We highly appreciate the support of FWD Life as the official insurance partner for the 5upergroup concert. I am confident that with the personal accident protection provided by FWD Life, the artists that take part in the event can give their ultimate performance and rest assured, the audience can liberate themselves in enjoying the musicality being performed and create a new experience in concert-watching. Moreover, we have collaborated with one of the top artistic and creative directors in Indonesia to provide a concert of class,” said Kadri Mohamad, Executive Producer Council of XI Creative Promotor – the promoter of the 5upergroup concert.  

FWD Life is also holding a digital competition through FWD Life Indonesia Facebook account to distribute 8 5upergroup tickets to passionate people who are music enthusiasts by encouraging them to share their story, of how much they love the legendary bands in the 5upergroup lineup starting November 7-19, 2017.

“We hope our support for the concert will also serve as an effective medium to introduce the benefits of insurance to the public at large. This is in line with our vision to change the way people feel about insurance,” Rudi concluded.