FWD Life Encourages Indonesians to Share the Blessings of Ramadan to Create Financial Literacy Community

  • Following a successful #FWDBebasBerbagi program in 2016, FWD Life and Dompet Dhuafa form another partnership with #FWDBebasBerbagi which is focused on the development of education to create financially literate community in Indonesia  
  • FWD Life encourages Indonesians to dare become better individuals by helping others in an easy way through digital campaign #FWDBebasBerbagi

FWD Life Encourages Indonesians to Share the Blessings of Ramadan to Create Financial Literacy Community

Jakarta, June 13, 2017– PT FWD Life Indonesia (‘FWD Life’),life insurance company in Indonesia introduced another corporate social responsibility program, #FWDBebasBerbagi to create a financially-literate community in Indonesia.  Again, embracing Dompet Dhuafa, the second year of #FWDBebasBerbagi will emphasize on education for one of the schools mentored by Dompet Dhuafa, SMART Ekselensia Indonesia, a school for talented children from underprivileged families from across Indonesia.


FWD Life Chief of Product Proposition & Sharia Ade Bungsuexplained,“The #FWDBebasBerbagi programis expected to be able to assist educational development and contribute to efforts to establish a community of young people with excellent financial literacy in Indonesia. Especially considering that they are a generation of the nation’s successors that is expected to spearhead the creation of a prosperous economic ecosystem in the future. Through this program, FWD Life supports the passions of SMART Ekselensia students to strengthen as well as refine their financial management skills, to create self-sufficient young generation that can contribute to the country’s economy,” said Ade Bungsu in Jakarta (13/06).

Ade added that the initiative is in line with the Financial Services Authority (OJK)'s financial inclusion target of 75% by 2019. Moreover, based on the triannual survey by OJK for the 2013 period, only 28% of Indonesian university students and students have an understanding of financial literacy[1].

FWD Life Invites Indonesians to Participate in the #FWDBebasBerbagi Program

In observance of the Holy Month of Ramadan, FWD Lifeencourages all Indonesians to participate and help improve education in an easy and simple manner.

“By utilizing the digital platform, we would like to encourage the public to promote awareness on education in Indonesia in an easy way through the #FWDBebasBerbagi program. Simply by visiting FWD Life Indonesia’s Facebook page or Twitter @FWDLife_ID. Then share the post using the hashtag #FWDBebasBerbagi. For every share, FWD Life will donate Rp 5,000 to Dompet Dhuafa for theSMART Ekselensia Indonesia school. People can participate in this activity more than once. And we hope to achieve the maximum target of Rp 50,000,000 accumulated from 10,000 shares,” Ade explained.


Aside from providing financial literacy education,through the #FWDBebasBerbagi, FWD Life alsoplans to build an audio-visual room “Pusat Sumber Belajar” not only for SMART Ekselensia Indonesia students as it will also be available to the public. The room is designed to facilitate all educational modules, be that print or audio-visual, including initiation of school library and community liaison program, production and development of various learning mediums for teachers, and to host library-related training and literacy.

Dompet Dhuafa ZIS Mobilization Director Bambang Suherman explained, “The partnership, which is supported by digital campaign, aims to reach  the public at large, to spread the message of compassion toward others. We hope this will encourage people to participate and together develop ummah empowerment, especially in education. This program is expected to strengthen the educational system in Indonesia, to create the next generation of quality that is resourceful for the nation,” Bambang said.



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