FWD Life and Hard Rock FM’s Collaboration Brings Forward FWD Fashion Rock Themed “Bebaskan Langkah, Tetap Sharia"

FWD Fashion Rocks is a revolutionary Fashion Show showcasing the creations of Indonesians inspired by FWD Life sharia life insurance product BEBAS IKHTIAR

FWD Life and Hard Rock FM’s Collaboration Brings Forward FWD Fashion Rock Themed “Bebaskan Langkah, Tetap Sharia"

Jakarta, August 25, 2017PT FWD Life Indonesia (“FWD Life”) once again realizes its commitment to support passions of Indonesians by presenting FWD Fashion Rocks, a revolutionary fashion show that combines musical performance and couture, in collaboration with Hard Rock FM. The event which will be held at Sarinah Thamrin is inspired by sharia life insurance product from FWD Life namely: Bebas Ikhtiar and will feature the creations of influential Indonesian designer Barli Asmara.

The event theme “Bebaskan langkah, tetap sharia” (Liberate Your Steps, Stay Sharia) is the manifestation of FWD Life and Hard Rock FM’s effort to present a quality, innovative event and to support FWD Life in achieving its vision to change the way people feel about insurance, by prioritizing the benefits of protection, investment and the donation feature of  insurance  product BEBAS IKHTIAR. At the show, customers will have a chance with get exclusive scarves designed by Barli Asmara which represents optimal protection for customers in obtaining insurance.

FWD Life Vice President Director Rudi Kamdani explained that FWD Life and Hard Rock FM share the same vision to consistently support the passions of Indonesians. “We are proud and grateful that FWD Fashion Rocks can become a reality and this is testament to our commitment to always innovate to introduce insurance in a fun way that closely identifies with the current lifestyle of Indonesians,” explained Rudi.

Rudi also revealed that the activity also reflects FWD Life and Hard Rock FM’s effort to support Indonesia fashion industry by  engaging Indonesian top designer Barli Asmara. Hope now the society can appreciate the works of Indonesians, as it is expected to boost the economy and eventually followed by financial literacy and inclusion improvement in Indonesia.

At the fashion show, Barli Asmara will showcase various modest yet modern attires inspired by sharia life insurance product from FWD Life,  Bebas Ikhtiar with the theme “Bebaskan langkah, tetap syariah”. Furthermore, FWD Life with Barli Asmara will also be highlighting the charity aspect by allowing all the guests to donate by purchasing the exclusive designs which will be auctioned off during the show.

Moreover, FWD Life also encourages the public at large to participate on donate, whereas every purchase of life insurance product BEBAS IKHTIAR will be rewarded with an exclusive scarf designed by Barli Asmara and will automatically donate Rp 200,000 which will be channeled to Dompet Dhuafa and Yayasan Badan Wakaf Indonesia that will use it for various charitable activities. Thus, FWD Life customers that own sharia life insurance product Bebas Ikhtiar will be entitled to 3 benefits, namely life insurance and optimal investment, sharing through donating and staying fashionable.


MRA Broadcast Media Division Head of Marketing Communications Sigit Prabowo said that FWD Fashion Rocks willl be a different and phenomenal gala event, whereas the collaboration between FWD Life and Hard Rock will create a new realm in entertainment.

“Hard Rock FM shares the same commitment as FWD Life in providing quality programs both on air and off air that are trendsetters in Jakarta. Music and fashion will always be two inseparable entities, in line with our passion and some of the deepest passions of FWD Life’s customers. This masterpiece is hoped to be able to provide a new spirit and positive inspiration for Indonesia’s talented young designers in order to fulfill the aspirations of becoming the leader of the fashion industry at a global level,” Sigit explained.

Hard Rock has previously held Fashion Rocks in 2010. In 2017, HRFM presents the seventh installation by adding something special, which is a collaboration of a mini concert with modern muslim fashion show inspired by sharia life insurance product, BEBAS IKHTIAR.

“The showcase of Barli Asmara collection is unique because it is showed with music performance by Barasuara, The White Shoes and the Couples company, NAIF and coreography by Edwan Handoko. This collaboration is very different from your normal show and certainly phenomenal, which creates a new realm in entertainment, a combination between fashion and music,” he concluded.


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