FWD Life Launches BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance with Comprehensive Protection and Affordable Premium

Supported by online distribution channel (e-commerce), BEBAS AKSI FLASH insurance enhances Indonesians’ passions, even high-risk ones

Jakarta, December 15, 2016 - PT FWD Life Indonesia (“FWD Life”) today launches a single premium personal accident life insurance which provides comprehensive protection with affordable premium, BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance. Supported by its online distribution channel (e-commerce), BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance ensures ease for Indonesians in purchasing insurance, anytime and anywhere, as well as offers the freedom to choose their desired insurance period, starting from 7 days, 1 month or 3 months with premiums that start at Rp 30,000.

FWD Life President Director Rudi Kamdani explained that the launch of BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance is the concrete manifestation of FWD Life’s commitment to continue to introduce product innovations that can respond to Indonesians’ lifestyles, especially young people with diverse passions, even high-risk ones. This product is also designed to be the answer to easy and fast insurance processes through an online system, as well as a more specific protection and a more affordable premium.

“We realize that one of the causes to the low penetration of insurance in Indonesia is public perception that insurance as a financial product entails complicated processes, expensive premiums, and numerous exceptions, thus constricting Indonesians especially young people and those who are young at heart, to prepare insurance while pursuing their passion. This imposes a burden on people in dealing with insurance. As one of the solutions, FWD Life offers 100% protection for to Indonesians with adjustable periods and premiums. We hope that BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance can support FWD Life’s vision to change the way people feel about insurance,” explained Rudi Kamdani in Jakarta (15/12).

BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance builds on the previous personal accident insurance product through online distribution channel (e-commerce) from FWD Life, namely BEBAS AKSI insurance. With BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance, people can tailor a protection period according to their need, i.e. 7 days, 1 month or 3 months with affordable premiums in one-time payment starting from Rp 30,000.

“BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance is designed to give 100% protection with only two exceptions, i.e. self-harm or violation of the law. Thus, people can freely pursue their passion including high-risk passions without having to worry about potential financial risks,” Rudi continued.

Thanks to the protection benefits of BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance, FWD Life provides insurance protection support to several communities with high-risk passions, for example, support for the trip of nature lovers in EIGER Black Borneo Expedition and Mario Iroth’s Wheel Story Season 4 adventure which entailed journeys to three countries, i.e. New Zealand, Australia and Timor Leste. Thus, the Company hopes that more and more Indonesians will come to realize the importance of insurance protection to support them in pursuing their passion.

FWD Life Partners with CIMB Niaga and AirAsia BIG
Aside from getting a comprehensive personal accident protection product with an affordable premium and adjustable protection duration, BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance also offers special promos in partnerships with CIMB Niaga and AirAsia BIG.

CIMB Niaga Head of Digital Banking, Branchless and Partnership, Bambang Karsono Adi explained “CIMB Niaga & FWD Life share a mutual vision to develop a fast, easy and convenient financial service by prioritizing technology that can provide added value and benefits to customers. Therefore, CIMB Niaga welcomes the partnership with FWD Life, especially for the launch of BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance. Where for every purchase of BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance made through CIMB Niaga’s OctoPay, customers will be entitled to Rp 50,000 of phone credit - specially for post-paid customers”.

Aside from partnering with CIMB Niaga, FWD Life also offers a special joint-promo with AirAsia BIG starting from December 8, 2016 – January 7, 2017. For every purchase of BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance, customers will get AirAsia BIG Points with details as follows:

  • 375 points for buyers of 7-day BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance
  • 750 points for buyers of 1-month BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance
  • 2,250 points for buyers of 3-month BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance

Furthermore, the first 350 buyers of BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance will receive double AirAsia BIG Points based on their chosen coverage period. Check for further information on BEBAS AKSI FLASH Insurance and purchase policies on http://www.fwd.co.id/airasia.


About PT FWD Life Indonesia (“FWD Life”)
FWD Life Indonesia (“FWD Life”) is a joint-venture insurance company and a member of FWD Group. Products offered include unit-linked insurance, individual & group term life insurance, individual & group personal accident insurance, and group medical insurance through technology driven-distributions such as agency, bancassurance, e-commerce and corporate.

In addition to Indonesia, FWD Group spans Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand, and the Philippines, offering life and medical insurance, employee benefits, and general insurance across a number of its markets. Established in Asia in 2013, FWD is the insurance business arm of investment group, Pacific Century Group.

FWD is focused on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand products, supported by leading digital technologies. Through this customer-led approach, FWD will achieve its vision to become the leading pan-Asian insurer that changes the way people feel about insurance.

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