FWD Life Creates the Next Level of Digital Agency to Provide New Experience in Dealing with Insurance

  • A new milestone of Digital Agency introduces a new digital recruitment tool and a new meeting point concept for agents and customers
  • The enhancements will support FWD Life’s commitment to double its insurance agents in 2016

Jakarta, January 25, 2015 – PT FWD Life Indonesia (FWD Life) creates the next level of Digital Agency by introducing M-Recruitment, a new mobile application that supports FWD Life’s agents to have faster recruitment process. This enhancement is part of FWD Life’s latest Digital Agency milestones, called FWD Mobile, a comprehensive mobile application that allows agents to better engage and prospect customers, while equipping themselves with training module and efficient sales process that could support their career as FWD Life’s agent.

M-Recruitment is one of effective tools that support FWD Life achieve it target to double the number of insurance agents in 2016, while also is considered as an initiative that sets FWD Life apart as a leader in digital insurance.

FWD Life Vice President Director, Jens Reisch said, “FWD Life is already special since the first day we start to operate, as all of our agents are able to do real time insurance processes using tablets and payment gateways. Today is just a start of our exciting journey to lead the new era of Digital Insurance that changes the way people feel about insurance.”

The development of FWD Life digital agency business is part of the company’s journey to support agents to be more productive and optimize business opportunities. “The innovative tools are being digitized to help agents better engage and prospect new customers, better train and equip themselves as well as accelerate them in recruiting new agents. These milestones are also important to project FWD Life’s leadership in “true digital insurance” in Indonesia,” said Jens.

FWD Mobile is supported by user-friendly “One Single Entry Application” that has several features such as:

  • M-Recruitment, an application that supports agents in the recruitment process, which provides online registration, database management as well as a recruitment learning module.
  • M-Activity, which assists agents to raise their productivity by recording and improving their daily routines. This includes the provision of several information that can help the agents to maximize business opportunities, such as meetings, events, agent promotions, new product launches and many more.
  • M-Commerce, a paperless sales platform that FWD Life has introduced since the first day of its operation in 2014. In addition, agents are also equipped with Financial Need Analysis that can help potential customers to further understand their financial needs.
  • M-Service, which provides such information as marketing office address, maps, and our Customer Care services via phone calls or live chat. Information related to customer policies will also be available.

The new technology of FWD Mobile is not only beneficial for agents, but also serves greater value for customers. FWD Mobile allows customers to enjoy simplicity in understanding and learning comprehensively about FWD Life products. It provides easiness and convenience for customers in making transaction, better equipping them with necessary information gathering from product selection to buying process.

Jens said, “This digital enhancement is aligned with our passion to provide our customers with simple and convenient experience with insurance, putting us in a stronger position to realize our aspiration to touch 1 million lives by 2017.”

FWD Life partners up with Excelso, promoting a new meeting point concept


FWD Life partners up with Excelso, a well-known coffee outlet in Indonesia to introduce FWD Anywhere, a new meeting point concept for FWD Life agents and customers. This concept is in line with the current productive people’s lifestyle concept that demands for joyful business experience in comfortable lifestyle.

FWD Life Director & Chief Agency Officer Hendra Thanwijaya said, “FWD Life and Excelso has entered a partnership for future operations. We are currently making use of more than 60 of the largest Excelso outlets in number of cities throughout Indonesia. This new collaboration is a start and we expect there will be more to come along with the fast development of our business. ”

Combined with FWD Mobile, FWD Anywhere become a new milestone of FWD Life digital agency business that enables the most user-friendly digital ecosystem catering to the current dynamic lifestyle trends and demands to deliver different experience in dealing with insurance.

President Director PT Excelso Multi Rasa, Kevin Mergonoto said that the collaboration is a strategic step to educate the public in owning insurance without neglecting their comfortable lifestyle. “Together with FWD Life, we hope that this partnership will become a long-term project to change the way people feel about insurance. We appreciate the trust given by FWD Life in selecting Excelso as a means to do business with productive people with lifestyle concept,” said Kevin.

With the next level of digital agency, both FWD Life customers and agents will enjoy great benefits. Through FWD Mobile, agents can operate with ease and interact with customers anytime and anywhere, providing them with simple, fast and most convenient experience with insurance for customers. Furthermore, with FWD Anywhere agents and customers can enjoy their lifestyle at hangout spots at FWD Life-Excelso meeting point.

“With this initiatives, we are able to support the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and its branchless program for the nonbank financial industry as well as its goal of recruiting 10 million agents,” explained Hendra.

“We also hope our customers could quickly feel the different experience when they interact with us. We want our customers to know that our technology innovation could make insurance easy for them thus helping them in getting the right and best solutions for their future and financial needs in the most convenient way,” closed Hendra.

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