FWD Life Indonesia Strengthens Life Insurance Penetration in Central Java

FWD Life Indonesia commences operation of marketing office in Semarang to expand access and facilitate life insurance services for customers in Central Java

Semarang, June 11, 2015 – FWD Life Indonesia today officially launches its new marketing office in Semarang, Central Java, as part of its business strategy to geographically expand its footprint and outreach

The new marketing office in Semarang also complements the distribution channels for FWD Life Indonesia’s products and services that were introduced in Surabaya, East Java on August 25, 2014. The presence of FWD Life Indonesia’s network in this area underlines the Company’s passion and commitment to strengthen insurance penetration in Indonesia.

FWD Life Indonesia President Director Rudi Kamdani said that Semarang is one of the major cities in Indonesia that exhibits stable economic growth. Additionally, its middle class continues to expand in line with the growth of industrialization and new investments. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in its 2013 research predicted the middle-upper class people in Semarang will further increase to more than a million people in 2020.

"Semarang, as one of the economic centers in Java, has a very high population and middle class society that continues to expand. FWD Life Indonesia will seize this opportunity and maximize the market potential by providing customer-led insurance products and services for people in Semarang and Central Java," said Rudi Kamdani in Semarang (6/11).

In addition to promising market potentials, Semarang also boasts a very large educated population, which gives FWD Life Indonesia the opportunity to capitalize on local talent in Semarang and Central Java. FWD Life Indonesia currently has almost 1,700 licensed agents and the figure is expected to rise in line with the Company’s business expansion.

Rudi Kamdani explained that Central Java displays interesting regional characteristics. The population in the region reached to more than 34.7 million1 whose livelihood is based on agriculture, trading, industry and services2 While data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Central Java Province showed that the working age population in Semarang continues to rise, with the figure at 25.18 million people in August 2014, compared to 24.8 million in 2013.

These attributes create opportunity for FWD Life Indonesia to attract new customers, especially those of the productive middle class, since the expanding productive age group will likely have greater needs for insurance. FWD is here to offer a customer-led approach, which is supported by its “3D” strategy made up of three key strategic differentiators; Innovative Customer Led Propositions, Integrated Technology Driven Distribution and Digitally Enhanced Customer Relationships. , This approach underlines FWD Life Indonesia's vision to change the way people feel about insurance and  we are very exciting about connecting with the people in Semarang,” said Rudi.

FWD Life Indonesia recently just launched its online customer channel, namely iFWD Liberate. This e-commerce channel provides simplicity and convenience for the insurance buying process. The customer proposition has three key attractive advantages to strengthen customer experience with FWD Life Indonesia. First, through its digital base service, iFWD Liberate is able to provide instant protection.. Secondly, iFWD Liberate provides chat and hotline services caring for, and assisting potential and existing customers every day from 8AM – 10PM. Thirdly, iFWD Liberate offers three simple steps to process claims so that customers can receive immediate payment

This initiative addresses two of FWD Life Indonesia’s strategic differentiators; namely, Digitally Enhanced Customer Relationships and Integrated Technology Driven Distribution. Previously, the company has successfully launched an operation of paperless sales platform in 2014, making buying insurance products simpler, faster and more convenient for customers.

“Being confident and passionate about the market potential in Indonesia, particularly in Semarang, FWD Life Indonesia aims at strengthening further its market penetration through expansion of its various distribution channels, including agency force, bancassurance, and online (e-commerce). Combined with continuous investments in technology, strategic initiatives in fortifying its services and professional teams, FWD Life Indonesia is unstoppable to reach out to more customers, providing them with more access to simple and convenient experiences with FWD,” closed Rudi.


1. Dinas Tenaga kerja, Transmigrasi Kependudukan Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Tengah, 2013 
2. Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Central Java Province

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