Supporting OJK in Financial Literacy, PT Finansial Wiramitra Danadyaksa Presents “Bebas Berbagi” Program

JAKARTA, April 25, 2015 – As one of life insurance companies in Indonesia, PT Financial Wiramitra Danadyaksa (FWD Life Indonesia) is committed to support the government in improving financial literacy amongst the Indonesian society by presenting “Bebas Berbagi” program. In line with the 2015 Blueprint of National Strategy on Financial Literacy in Indonesia, “Bebas Berbagi” program will focus in providing education on the importance of financial management and basic business management, targeting Indonesian women, youth and small-medium entrepreneurs.

“Bebas Berbagi” program is a concrete initiative taken as part of the Company’s contribution  to support the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) in improving the financial literacy program. Based on OJK’s figure, Indonesian public still have low understanding on modern financial system. This has been widely reflected in the National Financial Literacy Survey conducted by OJK in 2013 that revealed only 21.8 percent of Indonesian fall under well literate category. 1

Benjamin Handradjasa, Chief Marketing Officer PT Finansial Wiramitra Danadyaksa stated that as one of non-bank financial industry players, the Company is responsible to support the government in building a financial-literate community. This can be achived through the provision of proper education on the importance of financial and business management to develop sustainable businesses to further contribute to the Indonesian economy.”

“In 2015, Bebas Berbagi program will be focusing on several community segments, including mompreneur, youngpreneur and small medium entreprise enterpreneur. We are hoping that this transfer knowledge will be valuable to support the community to work on their passion and transform it into sustainable business while giving positive contribution to family and community finance,” explained Ben in Jakarta (25/04).

For the first Bebas Berbagi program, PT Finansial Wiramitra Danadyaksa (FWD Life Indonesia) is partnering with DreamLab Indonesia, a startup business strategic consultant together with retail companies. DreamLab Indonesia has assisted the Company in developing educational material that will be utilized in “Bebas Berbagi” program. Other than that, the Company has been working closely with the Mommiesdaily, the largest moms community in Indonesia to invite young mothers who plan to develop new business or already have a business platform (momprenuer) and wish to further develop the business. In this Bebas Berbagi program, the mompreneurs will be equipped with practical guidelines to build strong and sustainable business fundamentals and financial management. In addition to that, the program is also aim to provide proper knowledge on available financial institutions  to support them to further develop their business.

Ben further explained, “One of the reason why we involve mom is because we see them having significant role in contributing to their family and community finance. This is also in line with OJK’s figure that women account for 51 percent of all household purchasing decision. However, there are still many Indonesian women who still have lack of understanding on managing proper household finances. Furthermore the figures also illustrate the level of financial literacy rate among Indonesian females are 19 percent or far below the Indonesian males of 25 percent respectively.”2

The lack of education and the challanges on getting financial information access become the major factors that cause low financial literacy rate among mothers. Based on this data,  the first Bebas Berbagi program provides financial literacy education to enhance financial knowledge to Indonesian women to support them to pursue their passion and continue their financial contribution toward their family and society.

Paulina Purnomo, one of the founder of DreamLab Indonesia said that based on their experience, many startup entrepreneurs are lack in solid management and financial fundamentals to prevent them from terminating their business despite the potential business prospects.

“This partnership is a strategic initiative taken as part of the Company’s concrete contribution to educate the community to address the financial challenges,” especially the young mothers, said Paulina.

PT Finansial Wiramitra Danadyaksa is highly committed to improve Indonesian public financial knowledge. It is with great hope that through “Bebas Berbagi” Program, PT Finansial Wiramitra Danadyaksa will be able to further contribute to the national financial literacy improvement, projected to rise by 2 percent annually.

"Align with Bebaskan Langkah spirit, PT Finansial Wiramitra Danadyaksa invites all stakeholders to empower themselves, improve their financial knowledge and understanding. As a result, all individuals can pursue their passions and contribute to the Country’s economic development, " conclude Ben.



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