FWD Life Supports Indonesian Tourism Through 2015 Indie Travel Mart

Encouraged Passionate Travelers to liberate their steps to enjoy the Beauty of Indonesia and Supported independent trip operator to contribute to economic growth in the tourism sector

Jakarta, November 12, 2015 – PT FWD Life Indonesia (FWD Life), a life insurance company in Indonesia proves its support to develop Indonesia’s tourism sector by taking part in the annual festival Indie Travel Mart, which will be held at the Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta, on November 12-14, 2015. The festival will offer various packages to explore the beauty of Indonesia in tourism with the support of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

Through this tourism festival supported by Indonesia Ministry of Tourism, FWD Life invites Passionate Travelers to liberate their steps in exploring and enjoying the many wonders of Indonesia. FWD Life also supports independent trip operators to grow their business thus they can contribute to economic growth in the country’s tourism sector. This is in line with the FWD Life #UnstoppableIndonesia campaign, which a campaign that is establish to support the growth of insurance industry by inspiring and encouraging Indonesian to embrace the insurance protection that enable to liberate them in fulfilling their passion in life.

FWD Life sees that tourism in Indonesia offers hope and remarkable opportunities in the near future for Indonesia, as seen through the high demands to visit the country as well as intense promotional activities initiated by the government. Based on the results of the “Passion Survey” conducted by FWD Life, travelling is the top passion among the Indonesian public.

FWD Life President Director Rudi Kamdani in Jakarta (11/12) said: “FWD Life’s participation in the 2015 Indie Travel Mart is one of the company’s support to offer greater benefits for the public, especially travelers in Indonesia. This tourism festival presents an opportunity for Passionate Travelers to liberate their steps in enjoying the beauty of Indonesia. It also serves as a forum for independent trip operator to realize their passion, particularly in developing their ventures to a wider market, which would eventually help create economic independence and contribute to the Indonesian economy.”

Rudi added that FWD Life’s involvement is in line with the Indonesian government’s Nine Priorities (Nawa Cita) Agenda that attempts to support economic independence by stimulating strategic sectors in the domestic economy, which include the tourism industry.

Tourism is a strategic sector that is currently developing in Indonesia’s domestic economy. Data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy indicated that in 2015, Indonesia will see as many as 11.2 million international tourists, while 259 million local tourists will visit various places of interest in the country. This means that Indonesia’s foreign exchange from the tourism sector will rise from US$10.69 billion in 2014 to US$12.5 billion this year.

“Through this event, Indonesia has the opportunity to introduce its tourism potential. Young entrepreneurs can also capitalize on this moment to strengthen their tourism business networks. The tourism industry will create a multiplier effect for the economy and improve the public’s standard of living,” said Rudi.

During the Indie Travel Mart 2015, FWD Life is also providing special offering for its Passion Club members. Passion Club is a personalized customer engagement program based on each individual passion points, providing a new and enjoyable experience in dealing with insurance which its members now have totaled more than 3.000 passionate people. Using special discount code, Passionate Travelers from Passion Club can enjoy 20% discounts and other attractive offers for numbers of travel packages around Indonesia.

FWD Life’s support is also shown by providing personal accidents and term life insurance product offers, BEBAS AKSI & BEBAS RENCANA from iFWD Liberate. With BEBAS AKSI or BEBAS RENCANA, passionate travelers will get insurance protection so they will be confident knowing that they can realize his or her passion in exploring the beauty of Indonesia and even to do extreme sports, such as: diving, paragliding, and etc. Furthermore, seeing the passionate travelers’ high mobility, iFWD Liberate, an insurance distribution channel through online platform (e-commerce) is offering a simple, easy and convenient experience in buying insurance anytime and anywhere through www.ifwd.co.id for passionate travelers.

In addition to becoming the main sponsor for the 2015 Indie Travel Mart 2015, FWD Life has also collaborated with TripTrus.com to provide financial management education in the “Bebas Berbagi” program. This initiative is expected to serve as a reference in developing sustainable business for independent trip operators joined in TripTrus.com.

TripTrus.com Founder Brahmantya Sakti said that the full support of FWD Life in the 2015 Indie Travel Mart will drive more opportunities for the trip operator to create and expand the business. This activity will definitely generate positive mtivation for local players in tourism businesses in expanding their business and networks.

“We highly appreciate FWD Life’s participation in the Indie Travel Mart. This multi stakeholders’ collaboration will add more value to grow unrecognized travel activities and provide positive impact, such as community empowerment and economic growth in those travel destinations. We hope that this partnership will continue to provide  positive contribution to the country, specifically its tourism industry,” said Bram.

“We truly value the initiative from FWD Life as a life insurance company in Indonesia to fully support this event. This positive activity must be maintained to realize a better Indonesia, especially in its tourism sector, which is expected to bring economic growth in the future,” Ibu Esthy Reko Astuty, Directorate General of Tourism Marketing Development from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

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