FWD Life Indonesia Supports Indonesian Music through The Music Run™

Jakarta, August 11, 2015 – As part of its support to one of the passions of Indonesian people, that is music, national life insurance company FWD Life Indonesia has chosen to become one of the main sponsors of the The Music Run™, an annual event held for the second time in Indonesia.

The Music Run™ will see FWD Life Indonesia deliver a new sense of enthusiasm to the public, particularly the Indonesian youth, to express their passions on music as well as promote country’s music. This initiative by FWD Life Indonesia will be realized through the #DukungMusikIndonesia movement. 

FWD Life Indonesia Chief Marketing Officer Benjamin Handradjasa said that FWD Life Indonesia would like to inspire the Indonesian youth to ensure the continuous existence of Indonesian music to be unstoppable in every time, all the time.

“FWD Life Indonesia’s Hip Hop music zone will be the only one of its kind to play Indonesian music. In addition to the #DukungMusikIndonesia movement, FWD Life Indonesia would also like to inspire the public to pursue their passion in sports and music,” said Ben in Jakarta on Tuesday (8/11).

FWD Life Indonesia’s presence will certainly add to the festivities at The Music Run™ event this year. FWD Life will hold several Flash Promo activities on social media to invite the Indonesian public to participate in various interesting games and vote for their favorite Indonesian song from The Music Run playlist. Flash Promo activities on FWD Life Indonesia’s social media account will be held several times between August 10-24, 2015.

One can simply take part in the contest by first logging on to www.themusicrun.com/events/jakarta and vote for your favorite Indonesian song to show support for Indonesian music. Afterwards, take a screen shot of your vote and follow the Flash Promo instructions given at specified times between August 10-24, 2015.

Finally, post your vote on your social media account according to the Flash Promo instructions with the #DukungMusikIndonesia hashtag. Don’t forget to mention @FWDLife_ID.

“The Company encourages everyone to take part in such activities that are part of the #UnstoppableIndonesia movement. Through The Music Run™, FWD Life Indonesia supports all those passionate of sports & music to never stop pursuing their passion.” 

- End -