FWD offers a career launch pad for our advisors, helping them pursue their professional development. Our advisors are encouraged to formulate their desired path and are given support and relevant training so that they may accomplish their goals. We offer all our advisors the opportunities they need to advance quickly and excel in their field. Come, soar with FWD.

Road to succcess

Employees Exchange

FWD Life gives each employee a chance to experience employee exchange to support their career.

Career opportunities

FWD Life helps you carve a roadmap for your professional journey so that you continue to aspire to important career milestones.

Collaborative environment

FWD Life prides ourselves on our friendly work environment. Team spirit and collaboration is an important part of our culture and as such we hold several social events to help employees establish strong relationships with each other.


FWD Employee Elites - Echa

Echa (IT Division)

“As an insurance company that is committed to technological innovation, FWD Life provides many learning experiences for staff. Not just to develop skills but also to help our employees understand how the technological innovation is playing a major role in providing service excellence for consumers.”

FWD Employee Elites - Rhea

Rhea (Legal Division)

“At FWD Life I really connect with our company values: to act properly, workwith passion, succeed together and dare to be different. These values provide a strong framework for all of us to achieve the company's vision which is to change the way that people feel about insurance.”

FWD Employee Elites - Fadli

Fadli (Operation Division)

FWD Life’s Vision is to change the way people feel about insurance, which really encourages us to  transform 
the experience our customers receive when interacting with us. Our goal is very clear, to make insurance coverage easy, simple and transparent.

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