Make Hajj into reality with Contributions start from Rp. 1 million / month.

Benefits that You will get*

  • Death benefits that will be paid if the Insured dies before the age of 100 years.
  • Death Benefit Due to Accident that will be paid if the Insured dies due to an accident up to the age of 70 years.
  • Investment benefits that you can received during the insurance period.

So...what is the uniqueness?

  • Hajj Fund Planning - Investment allocation since the first year and opportunity to get a Loyalty Bonus starting from the 7th Policy year until the 16th Policy year. This Loyalty Bonus will be added to your investment fund up to a total of 160% of the Annual Basic Contribution.

  • 3 Affordable choices of Contributions - You can choose the amount of Contribution that suits your needs start from Rp. 1 million / month.

  • Sharing is caring - You can share with others through zakat, infaq, or waqf.

Other information*

  • You can also add investment funds at any time to make your Hajj plan faster to be realized.
  • Life insurance will imediate effective since the first Contribution is received.

*Download and learn the brochures also a summary of products and /or services to get more complete information about this product

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