Get ready to live & celebrate your passion starting today! Bebas Optimal provides the ideal life protection and long-term optimal investment.

The benefits you will receive*

  • You will receive the Sum Assured benefit and, in addition, the accumulated investment value will be paid if the Insured dies for any reasons in accordance to the Policy provision.
  • The accumulated investment value plus the maturity bonus will be paid at the end of the insurance contract. 
  • You may withdraw or surrender the Policy at any time with a fixed withdrawal/surrender fee.

*Make sure that you download the brochure and product summary and/or service information as below to get more information about this product.

What are the core benefits you get*?

  • Bebas Berinvestasi (Free to Invest) - Greater optimal investment gain since 100% of Basic Premiums are invested from the very first year. In addition, you are free to choose the investment type & allocation and are able to add the investment fund value at anytime.

  • Bebas Biaya (Administration Fee Free) - Free of monthly administration & acquisition fees. You are also waived of any fund-switching fees if you use our online services.

  • Bebas Khawatir (Worry-Free) - Coverage period lasts up to the Insured’s age of 80 years old with less exclusions. On top of that, the Insurance benefit will be given whether the Insured is alive or dead.

  • Bebas Pilih (Free to Choose) - You are free to choose the Premium Payment Period, Sum Insured value, and also the Premium payment method in accordance with your needs.

Wait...there’s more!

You may also add Additional Benefits (Riders) in accordance with your needs: 
       1. FWD Non Accelerated Critical Illness
       2. FWD Accidental Death & Disablement Benefit

Loyalty Bonus* will be rewarded at the following 5th Policy anniversary after the Premium Payment Period has ceased and at every 5th subsequent Policy anniversary thereafter, as long as the Policy is still inforce.

*Download and study the brochure and product summary and/or service information to get more information about this product.

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