Take every opportunity that comes today and prepare a bless-full future with Bebas Ikhtiar, a comprehensive, adaptive and well-planned unit-linked sharia insurance.

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  • Death Benefit and Investment Benefit if you dies before 100 years old.
  • Additional Death Benefit if you dies due to accident before 70 years old.
  • Investment Benefit will be given if you reach the age of 100 years old.

What does it do?

  • Comprehensive - Your investment is allocated since the first year and the insurance period is valid until you attain 100 years old. You also has the opportunity to donate.

  • Adaptive - You will get the flexibility in defining your contribution and payment period starting from monthly, quarterly, semester, or annually. You are free to add your investment fund at anytime.

  • Well-planned - You will get the opportunity to earn Loyalty Bonus of up to 25% starting in the 7th year. You also have a chance to gain benefits from underwriting surplus.

Wait, there’s more

  • BEBAS IKHTIAR enable you to donate zakat, infaq and cash waqf.
  • You also can donate certain portion of your Death Benefit.
  • Various insurance riders can be added to complete your BEBAS IKHTIAR

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No matter what, your family’s future is still secure without having to continue paying basic premium until  65 years old.

Throughout the worst, by diagnosed with a critical illness, suffer full body impairment, or you pass away, ease your worries hence you and your family will be excused  from paying the basic premium until 65 years old

You will be liberated from paying the basic premium until 65 years old if you or your family member is diagnosed with a critical illness or suffers total body disablement.