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  1. What is FWD MAX?
    FWD MAX is a Customer Engagement FWD Life program that present like a friend, to support and assist customers to enjoy life indefinitely throughout their life journey by providing:
    • Support. Interesting offers from over 70 merchants that spread over hundreds outlets to support lifestyle and passion needs. Especially for FWD Life customers can generate points that can be redeemed with vouchers at hundreds of merchant redemption points such as a restaurant or café; Excelso, cinema; CGV, all providers of telephone credit, PLN, GOPAY, airline frequent flyer; AirAsia BIG Loyalty, family entertainment and leisure venue; Jungleland, Ancol, Sport Center; Gold's Gym, etc.
    • Information. Information that suits the needs of customer lifestyle and passion.
    • Protection. Insurance coverage to support any activity in an easy and fast way, online.
  2. Who can use FWD MAX Application?
    FWD MAX is present and prepared for those who have a live passion for FWD Life (Individual, Corporate Care) customers, FWD Life agents as well as the wider community who are not yet FWD Life customers.
  3. How FWD MAX support people to liberate their step to live their passion without hesitation?
    You can get information about activities that fit your passion or lifestyle just a click away, such as:

    • Culinary passion, the public will get update info about the location of healthy food sales, get food vouchers, products and place of food the present, the list of healthy food menu.
    • Passion travel, get information on interesting tourist destinations for bloggers and vloggers, travel Instagram, lovers of interesting content.
    • Passion read books and watch, people get info about current and trend movies, interesting book references, book and movie vouchers, synopsis stories and rankings.
  4. How to Join FWD MAX?
    • Download the FWD MAX Indonesia app on the App Store (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android).
    • Register and fill in your data or use your Google or Facebook account to login.
    • Choose one of the available options according to your profile, fill in the data and click "Submit".

      • Fans for FWD Life's non-customers
      • FWD Individual user for individual FWD Life policyholders
      • FWD Corporate Care User for Corporate Care Insurance Customer
      • Agent for FWD Life's agent

    • For FWD Life customers and FWD Life agents, the registration process will be verified using OTP password to the registered mobile number
    • Choose one of your Passion from 6 available options (Travel, Fashion, Sport, Music, Culinary, Books & Movie).
    • You have successfully registered as a FWD MAX member.
  5. What do you get when signing up for FWD MAX?
    • If you are not a FWD Life insurance policy holder, you will get discount promos from hundreds of our merchants and other attractive offers, but you will not get any FWD MAX points. You will also get information about your passion every day. Additionally you can participate in our quizzes and polls with attractive prizes
    • For FWD Life customers, in addition to discount promos from hundreds of FWD Life merchants and other interesting offers and information about your passion every day, you can take the quizzes or polls with attractive prizes and are eligible to earn points from FWD Life.
  6. How do you Get Discounts on FWD MAX?
    • On FWD MAX page, click the "Offers" menu. The Discount section is marked as "FREE" in the black box. Then, select the Offer you like, click "Redeem", read the Offer' description and T&C , click OK.
    • Click "Open e-Voucher". Read the terms, then click "Use e-Voucher". Show this page to the cashier, enter the store ID or scan QR Code at cashier, then click "Claim". When the transaction is complete, you will get your discount according to the existing promo.
    • If you have not intended to use your e-Voucher yet at that time, your voucher will be stored in the "e-Voucher" menu. Just click on the voucher once you want to use them. Unused vouchers have a "New" sign, "Exp" for expired, and "Used" sign for used e-Vouchers. Vouchers marked as "Exp" and "Used" cannot be used anymore.
  7. FWD MAX Merchant Discount List
    • Click the following Link
  8. FWD MAX Merchant Discount List
    • On time annual premiums Payment : 16,000 points
    • On time semester premiums payment : 8,000 points
    • On time quarterly premiums payment : 4,000 points
    • On time monthly premiums payment : 1,000 points
    • Changing your payment method to credit card : 20,000 points or auto debit
    • Sharing an article to social media : 300 points (qualified article)
    • Birthday : 5,000 points
    • Quizzes : This is a tactical program, the number of points depend on the promo of each activity/quiz/poll
  9. How do you View Your Points on FWD MAX?
    • Click the "Balance" menu on the main page of FWD MAX, you will see the number of your points.
  10. FWD MAX Point Redemption
    • On the FWD MAX page, click the "Offers" menu, select Offer you like, make sure your points are sufficient, click Redeem, read the Offer description and the T&C, click OK.
    • Click "Open e-Voucher". Read the terms, click "Use e-Voucher". Show this page to the cashier, enter the store ID or scan the QR Code at cashier, click "Claim", then your transaction is complete. You will be rewarded a certain amount of Rupiah value listed on the e-Voucher.
    • For online merchants, input the e-Voucher code before making a payment.
    • If you have not intended to use e-Voucher at that time, your voucher will be stored in the "e-Voucher" menu. Just click on the voucher once you want to use it. Unused vouchers have a "New" sign, "Exp" for expired, "Used" sign for used e-Vouchers. Vouchers marked as "Exp" and "Used" cannot be used anymore.
  11. Point Redemption Merchant List
    • Click This Link
  12. Term & Condition
    • Those eligible for points are Individual Policy Holders (Agency, Bancassurance, eCommerce) and Corporate Care FWD Life participants with Inforce or Active status. Inactive policies (surrender, lapse, etc.) are not eligible for points.
    • The point calculation begins after you become an FWD MAX Member. Premiums paid before you join the FWD MAX membership are not counted as additional points.
    • If you have more than one policy in FWD Life, then you simply create one FWD MAX account and your points on other active policies will be accumulated in your FWD MAX account except for Individual and Corporate Care customers, each will have a separate account.
    • Points added for premium payments are calculated per premium payment, instead of a loan (policy loan). Premium payments by APL/PL (Automatic Premium Loan) are not counted as additional points.
    • Points from new policy single premium payments will be updated to FWD MAX 3 (three) days after the Free-look period.
    • On time premium payments described as premiums are paid on due date and only on time premium payments are eligible for points.
    • For security purposes, the registration process of customers and FWD Life agents will be verified through One Time Password (OTP) sent by SMS to your registered mobile number in FWD Life system.
    • In case of mobile phone number changes, you can update to the 24-hour FWD Life call center at 1500 391.
    • Point redemption can be done at a certain period in accordance with the FWD MAX promo, and shall be informed to FWD MAX's members by notification on FWD MAX apps, SMS and /or email blast.
    • Unredeemed points will expire within 1 (one) year at December 31 and June 30. For example: points earned in November 2017 will expire on December 31, 2018, points earned in February 2018 will expire on 30 June 2019. Expired points are calculated per policy.
    • Points for each FWD MAX's Member cannot be merged or transferred to other members.
    • If your policy is lapse/inactive, then you cannot exchange points.
    • If you lose your phone, your FWD MAX account can still be used simply by logging in on other mobile devices
    • FWD Life is not responsible for any point loss caused by losing your mobile phone or unauthorized use. For data security reason, you are advised to logout periodically.
  13. What is Passion Story?
    • Passion Story is the website which contains unique information and very useful to pursue your passion. It supports you every day to find new adventures, without fears and doubts to face all possibilities in life. Every day through FWD MAX, all about your unique and different passions will be presented to you without even needing to look for it by yourself.
  14. What is iFWD?
    • iFWD is an FWD Life's eCommerce website for buying aneCommerce insurance products, you can get easily and instantly, especially to support your passion in extreme sports because FWD Life Insurance cover these activities in its protection so you can keep doing your passion without fears and worries
  15. What is Community & Event?
    • Community & Event is a feature for facilitating FWD Life activities with several partners that also provide Insurance protection to participants in that activities, such as the Combi Run, the Gojek Traveloka League 1, etc.
  16. What is Click to Meet?
    • Click to Meet is a feature on the FWD Life website for you to meet and make an appointment by online with your preferred insurance agent who has the same passion with you.
  17. FAQ
    Can I become member of FWD MAX if I am not an FWD Life customer?
    • Everyone can become a Member of FWD MAX
  18. How often can I use eVouchers or digital discount codes provided by FWD MAX?
    • Used digital vouchers cannot be reused but discounts listed on FWD Max stores are valid as long as there are no changes to the merchant list
  19. What should I do if there are data differences such as birth date, gender, mobile number between the data that I fill in FWD MAX and the FWD Life system data?
    Please call 1500 391 to update your data.
  20. What should I do if I forgot my password to log in?
    • Click "Forgot Password", then a new password will be sent to your email.
  21. What should I do if I forgot my login email to FWD MAX?
    • Please send an email to to find out which is your login email to FWD MAX.
  22. What to do when you log in using your email and get notified, "Invalid Username & Password"
    • Check the Username and Password entered, it is possible an error occurred during the input.
  23. What if I don't get an SMS password for verification?
    • Password will be sent to your mobile phone number which is registered in FWD Life. If you do not receive it, please dial call center 1500 391 to check your data, it is possible that a different phone number was registered in the FWD Life system.
  24. After my premium payment, why aren't my FWD MAX points directly increased?
    • Occasionally points are not increased because of the network or system isn't updated yet. Please click the refresh button to update it then your points will increase automatically.
  25. What if my point redeeming process on the Offer menu is unsuccessful?
    • Check if your points are enough to redeem vouchers and also check your internet connection because redemption process requires internet connection.
  26. What if during redemption process there is a message "Sorry, your redemption could not be completed. Please try again "
    • Check the internet connection on your phone. Your server could have been down.
  27. What if my phone is lost, or I change my phone, will I lose my points?
    • Your FWD MAX points will remain because they are not dependent on devices. Please re-download the FWD MAX application and login directly with your User ID and password

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