Critical Illness Claim

How to file a critical illness claim

We understand this may be a difficult time so first, let’s tell you the important stuff that will be helpful for you to know:  

1. If you (the insured) receive medical treatment from a hospital or clinic that is not in our network, you’ll need to submit a claim. Please do this within 60 days after you are discharged following treatment. Please ensure you give us all the information we need. 

2. Should your claim paperwork be incomplete, we’ll give you another 30 days in which to send us any outstanding documents or resubmit any incomplete parts of your claim.

If you need any help at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1500525. 

  • Copy of your valid KTP / identity card
  • Original medical report from a doctor stating including any dated prognosis. This needs to be an original letter from a qualified doctor who has completed an examination and diagnosed that this is a critical illness
Please submit your claim by post to the following address:  


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