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  • Please explain regarding FWD Life's group insurance program?
  • FWD Life has a diverse collection of insurance that can be selected by the company in accordance with the needs, for employees and / or families of employees, which are:
    1. Group Medical (Bebas Sehat)
    2. Group Inpatient  (Bebas Dana)
    3. Group Term Life (Bebas Hidup)
    4. Group Personal Accident (Bebas Karya) 

  • What is the minimum number of participant to join FWD Life's group insurance program?
  • A minimum number of employees that we can cover  is 10 employees (with a minimum age of 17 years and maximum 69 years).
  • Can family be included in the membership of group insurance FWD Life's Corporate Care?
  • Yes, the family (wife and children of employees) is allowed to be included into the FWD Life insurance, as long following the terms and condition of age and and membership of FWD Life. Please contact our sales team for more information at (+62) 1500 393.
  • I am interested to request proposals from FWD Life, Who can I contact to get a proposal that I want?
  • Please contact our sales team on (+62) 1500 393 to get further explanation and proposals.
  • How many hospital networks FWD Life's have currently?
  • You can see  list of hospital providers on the following link (direct link to the list Hospitals / Clinics Provider). The data will be constantly updated every month.

  • What does FWD stands for?
  • FWD is not an acronym. PT FWD Life Indonesia ( "FWD Life") is a joint venture life insurance company and part of the FWD Group. The products offered are insurance products linked to investment, individual and group term insurance, personal accident insurance and a collection of individuals, and health insurance through distribution channels supported by the integrated technology including agency, bancassurance, e-commerce and corporate.
    Besides Indonesia, FWD Group has a network of businesses in Hong Kong and Macau, Thailand and the Philippines offering life insurance and health insurance, employee benefits, and general insurance. Standing in Asia since 2013, FWD is the insurance business of the investment group, Pacific Century Group.
    FWD focus on developing new consumer experience by presenting products that are easily understood, supported by leading-edge digital technology. Through a customized approach to customer needs, FWD will achieve its vision to become the leading insurance companies in the Asia Pacific region that can change the way the public about insurance.


  • What benefits we get if the company join the FWD Life's insurance program?
  • Besides getting insurance benefit program (that the company chose), FWD Life also provides exciting promotions in the form of a discount on the upgrade fee Celebrity Fitness, discount tickets at etc., that are tailored to each employee passion.


  • How to submit claim?
  • The documents claim must be filed according to the type of insurance program chosen by the company.
  • How long the claim reimbursement process at FWD Life?
  • The claim process is 7 business days from the complete hardcopy documents received by FWD Life.

Premium Payment

  • How to pay the premium to join FWD Life's insurance program?
  • For a premium payment, the payment system is an annual, however FWD Life also provides flexibility to the company to choose the payment method semester/quarterly where it should be agreed at the beginning before the policy runs.

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